Andrea Spray

Dr Andrea L S Bulungu is a public health nutrition researcher based in Uganda, and Research Assistant Professor with the E3 Nutrition Lab at the Brown School of Washington University in St Louis. Andrea’s work centers around research methods and interventions for addressing the drivers of maternal and child nutrition in resource-poor settings. She’s currently conducting studies on food affordability and women’s workload burden, and behavior change communication interventions for promoting animal source food consumption. Her research makes use of innovative methods, such as automated wearable cameras and crowdsourcing.

In addition to Uganda, Andrea has experience working on nutrition programming in Cambodia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Lao PDR, Madagascar, Myanmar, Nigeria, Papua New Guinea, Senegal, and Sierra Leone. She is a long-time nutrition consultant for the World Bank, and has also consulted for ILRI, ICF International, and FAO, among others.

Andrea holds a Ph.D. from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, a master’s degree in public health from Washington University in St Louis, and a bachelor’s degree in art from Indiana University.

Andrea L. S. Bulungu

Areas of Focus:

  • Public Health Nutrition
  • Research Methods
  • Diet Quality
  • Women's Work
  • Multisectoral Coordination