David Patterson

We regret to share that David Patterson Silver Wolf passed away on May 14, 2021. We know his work and research will continue to benefit and inspire the field of social work.

Patterson Silver Wolf focuses his research on evidence-based interventions to improve outcomes for addiction treatment programs in community-based service settings. He also studies factors that can improve academic success rates for underrepresented minority college students. Before entering academics, he spent more than 15 years providing clinical services in the substance use disorder treatment field, and has sustained a life in recovery since 1989.

Patterson Silver Wolf currently serves as the director of the Community Academic Partnership on Addiction (CAPA) and is the chief research officer at the new CAPA Clinic, which offers an addiction outpatient treatment program in St. Louis City. The Clinic is incorporating and testing various performance-based practice technology tools to respond to the opioid epidemic and improve addiction treatment outcomes. He is leading a new technology start up, Takoda, that develops tech tools to measure and monitor treatment performance.

Patterson Silver Wolf is co-director of the Collaboration on Race, Inequality, and Social Mobility in America at the Brown School’s Center for Social Development, and he is a faculty scholar with Washington University’s Institute for Public Health. He also serves as training faculty for two National Institutes of Health–funded (T32) training programs at the Brown School, including the Transdisciplinary Training in Addictions Research program of the National Institute on Drug Abuse.

David Patterson Silver Wolf

Areas of Focus:

  • Substance use disorder treatment services
  • Using science, data and technologies in frontline services
  • Performance-based practice
  • Underrepresented minority college success