Elizabeth Fuchs

​Elizabeth Fuchs is passionate about intersectional, anti-racist and anti-settler colonialist policies and deconstructing systems that perpetuate white supremacy culture. 

As a native St. Louisan, Fuchs contributes a local perspective to the social justice movement in the area. Fuchs leverages her intersectional identities and the positions of privilege they afford her – queer, white, cisgender and woman – to advance marginalized voices.  

In her previous role as manager of public policy and lobbyist for PROMO, Missouri’s statewide LGBTQ Advocacy organization, Fuchs learned the value of navigating policy through a theoretical social work lens. By recognizing the importance of relationships in advancing policy, social workers are uniquely trained to relate, to connect, and to empower. 

At the Brown School, Fuchs is the field advisor the Master of Social Policy program and SED field faculty for the Office of Field Education. She also teaches Social Policy Analysis and Evaluation.

Prior to joining the faculty, she served as policy consultant and community healer with the Metro Trans Umbrella Group, as well as a reproductive justice activist with Planned Parenthood. Fuchs was chosen as The Advocate Magazine’s 2018 Champion of Equality for Missouri.

Elizabeth Fuchs

Areas of Focus:

  • Antiracism
  • LGBTQ rights
  • Social Policy