Rebecca Lengnick-Hall

Rebecca Lengnick-Hall’s research focuses on helping and empowering organizational leaders and staff as they implement and sustain new evidence-based practices. Lengnick-Hall employs multilevel designs, and integrates implementation science, organizational science, and social work. 

Lengnick-Hall is currently working to build theory and develop measures that help us better understand how organizations are connected to the broader system environment (e.g., through funding arrangements) and the concrete ways that these connections affect the implementation and sustainment of high-quality mental health services.

Her work has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, Implementation Research Institute, and the IDEAS NIMH-funded ALACRITY Center. She is passionate about educating future implementation scientists and supporting students who want to apply an organizational lens to their own work.

Rebecca Lengnick-Hall

Areas of Focus:

  • Implementation research
  • Organizational science
  • Qualitative and mixed-methods research
  • Mental health services