Ross Hammond

With over 20 years of experience in complex systems science modeling methodologies, Ross Hammond brings his expertise in agent-based modeling (ABM) to problems in social science and public health.

His primary research interests include obesity etiology and prevention, food systems, tobacco control, behavioral epidemiology, crime, corruption, segregation, trust and decision-making. Hammond works with modeling complex dynamics in economic, social, and public health systems using mathematical and computational methods from complexity systems science.

He is a senior fellow in Economic Studies at the Brookings Institution, where he is director of the Center on Social Dynamics and Policy. He also holds academic appointments at Harvard School of Public Health and the Santa Fe Institute.

Hammond is an HHS-appointed member of the National Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities advisory council. He also serves as a public health advisor for the National Cancer Institute, an advisory special government employee for the FDA Center for Tobacco Products, a commissioner for the Lancet Commission on Obesity, and a member of the National Academy of Sciences Food and Nutrition Board.

Ross Hammond

  • Betty Bofinger Brown Distinguished Professor of Public Health
  • PhD, University of Michigan
  • Office Phone: 314-935-2223
  • Email:

Areas of Focus:

  • Modeling complex dynamics in social, economic, and public health systems
  • Obesity etiology and prevention
  • Food systems and food security