Tess Thompson

Tess Thompson examines how the social context affects health in cancer prevention and control. Her work includes three main strands: the effects of family on health, the importance of social support, and the role of health communication in reducing disparities.

Thompson is currently leading a five-year study funded by the American Cancer Society to examine health and psychosocial outcomes among African American breast cancer patients and their informal caregivers. Her background in English literature has led her to be especially interested in creating transdisciplinary solutions to public health problems. She uses both quantitative and qualitative methods in her work.

A member of Siteman Cancer Center and a faculty scholar at the Institute for Public Health, Thompson has published research in journals including Social Science and Medicine, Health Education and Behavior, Health Psychology, Preventing Chronic Disease, and Journal of Health Communication.

Tess Thompson

Areas of Focus:

  • Cancer prevention and control
  • Social support
  • Family and social context
  • Health disparities
  • Social needs