Reporting Misconduct

Faculty Responsibility

Faculty and instructors must report incidents of student misconduct through the Academic Integrity Violation Reporting form on Inside Brown to the Assistant Dean for Social Work or Public Health in a timely manner so that the incident may be handled fairly and consistent with other cases. Assistants are expected to report instances of student misconduct to their supervising instructors. If a student comes to a faculty member with information about an academic or professional integrity violation, faculty members are expected to respond to student concerns about academic dishonesty in their courses.

Student Responsibility

If a student observes others violating these policies, they are required to report the misconduct to the instructor, to seek advice from the Assistant Dean for Social Work or Public Health, or to address the student(s) directly.

Field Instructor Responsibility

Field Instructors who believe that a student is not meeting one or more of these basic expectations should notify the Director of Field Education, who will consult with the appropriate Assistant Dean.

Exam Proctor Responsibility

Exam proctors are expected to report incidents of suspected student misconduct to the course instructor and/or the Disability Resource Center, if applicable.