Financial Services Resources

Tuition and Fees

Brown School tuition and fees for the 2024-2025 academic year (fall and spring semesters) are listed below.  More complete information about the Cost of Attendance can be found here and international students can read more about their financial enrollment requirements here.

Full-time MSW tuition*$48,010
MPH tuition$42,640
MSP tuition $48,010
Mandatory Fees
(Brown School Activity Fee & Health and Wellness Fee)
Student Health Insurance Fee
(pending state approval; required for international students)

*Advanced standing MSW students are also required to take the ‘Bridge to Brown’ intensive course with a one-time fee of $6,400.  Part-time MSW students are charged tuition at a per-credit rate of $1,600 per credit hour.

Student Funding Plan

Typically, Brown School students fund their degree using a variety of sources:

  • Brown School Scholarships – Details regarding Brown School scholarship awards are provided as a part of a student’s admission decision letter.
  • External Scholarships – Students can pursue additional funding opportunities for which they are eligible. The Graduate Center at WashU has created an online database that lists various external funding opportunities for graduate students.
  • Part-Time Employment – Students can access a list of available campus-based positions collected by the Admissions office at any time. Enrolled students will be able to check the Career Engagement website for available listings and notices of upcoming job fairs and career events.
  • Other Funding Sources – Eligible students may also pursue military and veteran benefits, service corps awards, tribal benefits, personal savings, and family or sponsor support which can be applied towards tuition costs.
  • Federal Loans – These funds are available to domestic students by completing the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). All possible scholarship funding is awarded at the time of admission, and your FAFSA results will not impact your already-granted Brown School Scholarship.  Students pursuing federal loans will need their 2022 tax return, FSA ID, and WashU’s school code of 002520.  Graduate students file as independents and no parent application is needed. After you have confirmed your intent to enroll, the Office of Student Financial Services will email you your financial aid package information, which may include loans and any federal work study.  Please note that the Department of Education has indicated that financial aid offices will not receive student aid information until March 2024, which may delay your loan package processing.  Aid packages will be made available as soon as possible given the delayed FAFSA timeline.

Financing Your Education Guide

We know that funding a graduate degree is a significant investment of time and financial resources for you and your loved ones. With that in mind, we have created a Financing Your Education Guide with two primary goals: to empower you to have ongoing and transparent conversations about financing your time at the Brown School, and to offer you important – and often overlooked – resources for making informed financial decisions.

Living and Learning in St. Louis

St. Louis is consistently recognized for its affordability and low cost of living. Students coming to St. Louis from metropolitan areas across the country are often surprised to find how the cost of housing, utilities, transportation, and personal expenses compares to other large cities across the nation. This Cost of Living calculator serves as a helpful tool in understanding the cost-of-living index in St. Louis relative to other cities.

Financial Aid Package Overview

Individual Financial Aid packages will be made available to eligible domestic students who have completed the FAFSA, confirmed their intent to enroll, and paid their enrollment deposit.  Financial aid packages may include Federal Direct Unsubsidized or Graduate PLUS loans, as well as federal work study.  Please note that the delay in FAFSA availability and processing for the 2024-25 academic year will impact the delivery of these aid packages.  Financial aid offices will begin receiving student data in March and packages will be made available to students as soon as possible with this revised timeline in place.

Contact Information

For questions about financial aid, federal loans, or budget planning please contact the Office of Student Financial Services at  For questions about Brown School scholarships, please contact the Office of Admissions & Recruitment at