Proficiency Exams

The Brown School offers proficiency examinations for select foundation courses in the MSW, MPH and MSP programs.

Proficiency exams do not offer course credit toward your degree; however, passing an exam will exempt you from taking the associated Foundation course, therefore allowing the credits to be satisfied with an approved elective course later in the program. Proficiency exams will be available to take online from May 6 – June 17.  Registration will open in early May.

Proficiency Exam Eligibility and Considerations

  • Proficiency exams are available to students entering a full-time program at the Brown School. Part-time students are not eligible to take proficiency exams.
  • Students must confirm their intent to enroll and submit their non-refundable $200 advance-tuition deposit to be eligible to take proficiency exams.
  • Proficiency exams are not required but they are recommended. There is no penalty for taking and not passing an exam.
  • Students are encouraged to take any available proficiency exam in which they have background knowledge or prior coursework.
  • Study guides are not provided for proficiency exams. Students are encouraged to review the course overviews provided below for an understanding of what each exam will cover.
  • MSW Advanced Standing Students: Advanced Standing students who have received credit for the associated foundation-level course do not need to take proficiency exams.  Advanced Standing students are eligible to take proficiency exams for Research Methods with Statistical Applications or Human Behavior if they have not already been granted credit.

Foundation courses for which proficiency exams are available are listed below, along with links to course overviews.

MSW Proficiency Exams

MPH Proficiency Exams

MSP Proficiency Exams

Proficiency Exam Instructions and Policies

Students wishing to take proficiency exams must review the exam policies and instructions here.