Dissemination and Implementation Science PhD Concentration

Brown School PhD students typically develop an individualized research area through coursework and mentored training opportunities. The Dissemination and Implementation Science (D&I) doctoral concentration provides an opportunity for students interested in the transdisciplinary field to complete relevant coursework and mentored research. The concentration aims to prepare next-generation public health and social work scholars for the following D&I competencies:

  • Describe the objectives of dissemination and implementation research for promoting health and addressing health equity
  • Critically evaluate dissemination and implementation theories, models, and frameworks
  • Assess the need for and process of adapting and tailoring interventions and dissemination and implementation research strategies
  • Design studies that incorporate innovative and emerging methods and measures in dissemination and implementation research
  • Describe the importance and methods for incorporating the perspectives of different partners (e.g., patients/families, practitioners, policymakers) in dissemination and implementation

PhD students concentrate in D&I by completing D&I-related coursework, getting involved in the various D&I research training opportunities at Washington University, and conducting mentored dissertation research that contributes to the field.

Concentration Requirements

Coursework: Students complete concentration coursework with the other PhD requirements in their first two years of the program. Concentrators complete one introductory course in D&I and select at least two additional D&I doctoral courses from the options presented below. Students who have already completed introductory courses prior to joining the doctoral programs may take another of the D&I courses.

Students must complete either Dissemination and Implementation Science (Spring offering) OR Introduction to Dissemination and Implementation Science (Fall offering)
S90 5590 Dissemination and Implementation Science 3
S90 5563 Introduction to Dissemination and Implementation Science 3
D&I Concentrators select at least two (2) additional courses from the following options.
S90 5411 Methods, Metrics and Measures for Dissemination in Implementation Research 3
S90 5554 Developing and Evaluating Implementation Strategies in Health and Social Services 3
S90-5663 Designing for Dissemination, Implementation & Sustainability: How to Maximize Impact and Equity 3
S90 5117 Translating Epidemiology into Policy 3
D&I Concentrators successfully propose and complete empirical dissertation research on dissemination and implementation

D&I Training Opportunities: Concentrators are encouraged to participate in the various D&I training opportunities offered across the university, such as the Dissemination & Implementation Science Introductory Workshop for Investigators, Dissemination & Implementation Seminars, and the Biweekly Methods and Metascience meetings hosted by the Center for Dissemination and Implementation, as well as the Washington University Network of Dissemination and Implementation Researchers (WUNDIR) that convenes local researchers with a common interest in D&I science. Additionally, the Institute of Clinical and Translational Sciences’ Dissemination and Implementation Research Core, affords students opportunities to both receive consultation and offer consultation and research support as Research Assistants. More information on D&I events and training opportunities can be found here: implementationresearch.wustl.edu.

Mentored D&I Dissertation Research: Concentrators identify faculty mentors whose scholarship involves dissemination and implementation science. Typically, these faculty will supervise the completion of an Area Statement & Qualifying Exam. After finishing D&I and other required doctoral coursework and milestones, students conduct dissertation research in D&I under the mentorship of faculty working in the area.

Process: Students interested in the concentration work with their faculty advisor, the D&I Lead Faculty, and their Program Director to ensure interest alignment. The student and faculty develop and execute research that culminates in a dissertation that contributes to the D&I literature. The successful defense of the D&I dissertation is recorded in the student’s final academic transcript.

A team of faculty across Schools coordinates to support D&I concentrators. Dr. Byron Powell, Associate Professor and Co-Director of the Center for Dissemination & Implementation serves as the Concentration Lead. Feel free to reach out with questions and suggestions. Other instructional faculty include:


Ana A Baumann, PhD, MA
Assistant Professor of Surgery

Ross Brownson

Ross Brownson, PhD
Steven H. and Susan U. Lipstein Distinguished Professor


Elvin H. Geng, MD, MPH
Professor of Medicine; Director of the Center for Dissemination and Implementation

Maura Kepper

Maura Kepper, PhD
Assistant Professor

Stephanie Mazzucca

Stephanie Mazzucca, PhD
Assistant Professor

Byron Powell

Byron Powell, PhD
Concentration Lead; Associate Professor; Co-Director, Center for Dissemination & Implementation