MSP Internship

Students complete full-time (360 hour, 3-credit) internships with a variety of leading non-profit organizations, government agencies, policy think tanks and legislative offices. The MSP internship is typically completed the summer after courses are complete, May through August. Through real-world experience, students put knowledge into action through significant opportunities for policy analysis, implementation, and/or practice.

The MSP program, in close partnership with the Office of Field Education, engages with policy partner organizations and affiliated sites. Students research, apply for, and finalize their placement with support from field education faculty and program advisors. Students have completed their internships in St. Louis, Washington D.C., around the U.S. and globally. Internship placements range in policy issue areas (healthcare, housing, education, disability, criminal justice, etc.) and the policy skills and capacities that students can expect to apply and grow during their experience: analysis and evaluation, drafting legislation, advocacy, research, media and communications, community organizing, strategy and leadership, grant writing and development, statistics, and data analysis.