Charlene Caburnay

For more than two decades, Charlene Caburnay has designed, developed and evaluated health communication programs at the Health Communication Research Laboratory. Such programs address a range of health issues such as cancer, diabetes, childhood immunization, and chronic disease for target populations including smokers, families at inner-city public health centers, and readers of Black newspapers.

Her broad research experience and interests include technology-based communication programs, health media interventions, health and cancer communication, childhood immunization, and community-level chronic disease interventions. Her research seeks to understand how best to enrich the information environment in communities bearing a disproportionate burden of disease or poverty, and how to accelerate the dissemination of evidence-based, communication-based interventions into channels and systems serving disadvantaged minority populations. As a result, she has much experience in the recruitment of research participants from diverse populations.

Caburnay frequently works with graduate and undergraduate research assistants on her project teams, along with a staff that includes a research manager, programmer, writer and graphic designer.

Charlene Caburnay

Areas of Focus:

  • Technology-based communication programs
  • Health media analysis and interventions
  • Health and cancer communications
  • Community-level chronic disease interventions