Data Visualization & Communication

The Advanced Learning Certificate in Data Visualization & Communication leverages tools like Excel and PowerPoint that are already on your computer to build your skills at visualizing data and communicating it to various audiences.

In a fast-paced world with ever more information surrounding us, the ability to share information succinctly and use data to tell compelling stories has become a vital skill. This certificate program will be helpful to professionals in a range of settings who create reports, presentations, and other communications using data.

Class meetings provide students with opportunities to learn and apply data visualization best practices for developing charts in Excel and other visuals for dissemination products, such as presentations, dashboards, reports, and one-pagers. Through a variety of activities, participants will build skills at creating dissemination plans to reach specific audiences, learn strategies to engage stakeholders with data findings, and gain practice telling stories with data.

Participants are encouraged to work on their own datasets or projects within the program, engaging in class assignments and activities to create products that will be useful for their own agency setting or interests.

Applications for this program closed on January 28, 2024.  Please sign up to be notified when a new cohort forms.

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