MSP/Juris Doctor

Students interested in pursuing the Master of Social Policy / Juris Doctor dual-degree program may apply to both programs concurrently, or apply to the MSP program while enrolled in the JD program at Washington University’s School of Law.

As distinct fields of study and practice, law and policy are each incredible tools for impact at community and population levels. Together, law and policy generate critical knowledge of the creation and maintenance of societal systems and structures and prepare students with tangible skills to navigate and advance the causes of justice and equity. Students interested in social policy research and analysis, government administration and service, and policy organization and think tanks should consider applying to the JD/MSP program.

Recommended Course Sequence

In this four-year program, students take 31 credit hours (two semesters and one summer) at the Brown School and 77 credit hours (five semesters) at the School of Law for a total of 108 credit hours. In general, students will follow the course of study outlined in the table below:

Fall SemesterSpring SemesterSummer Semester
Year 1JD (15 credits)JD (15 credits)​Possible JD Work / Clinic
Year 2MSP (15 credits)​MSP (12 credits)​MSP Internship (4 credits)
Year 3JD (~14 credits)​JD (~14 credits)Possible JD Work / Clinic
Year 4JD (~14 credits)​JD (~14 credits)Possible JD Work / Clinic

This is a sample timeline. There is flexibility in how students structure their academic plans.

Tuition Structure

In the fall and spring semesters, tuition and fee charges are based on the division of the student’s primary, full-time enrollment, which varies by semester and is referred to as the student’s Prime division.

For three semesters of the JD/MSP program, students are Prime to the Brown School. During these semesters, students are assessed tuition according to the Brown School’s tuition structure and can receive Brown School scholarships. For five semesters, students are Prime to the School of Law. During these semesters they are assessed tuition according to the School of Law’s tuition structure and can receive School of Law scholarships.

Application Instructions

Separate applications are required for both the MSP and the JD programs and are reviewed independently according to their criteria. Refer to the MSP application instructions for required materials. Be sure to indicate that you are applying to the dual-degree in your MSP application.

Visit the School of Law website to learn more about the JD program and application.