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MSW/Master of Arts in Education

Students from this program earn a Master of Social Work degree from the Brown School and a Master of Arts in Education degree from Department of Education in Washington University’s Graduate School of Arts & Sciences. This accelerated joint degree program requires completion of 87 - 96 credit hours, taken over three years. 

In the Brown School’s top-ranked MSW program, students learn to identify and address connections among children, families, school systems and communities. Course content emphasizes management and leadership. The university’s Department of Education prepares students for teaching and leadership in educational institutions, fostering inclusive classroom environments and addressing the social and emotional development of K-12 students, and advancing evidence based interventions and changes that drive educational equity.

Students will choose one of three tracks in the MAEd program:

  • Teacher Certification: Focus on classroom level/teaching excellence. Provides exposure to social foundations of education, educational psychology, applied linguistics. Provides educational background necessary to teach at the elementary level (grades 1 - 6).
  • Educational Studies: Provides the larger historical, social, and political context for K - 12 education to prepare for positions in policy, advocacy, teaching, advising, and research at the classroom, school, district, state, and federal level.
  • Higher Education: Provides an overview of historical and contemporary issues and a deeper understanding of higher education research, policy, assessment, and/or administrative practices.
Graduates of the MSW/MAEd program will be prepared to remove barriers to student learning; to thrive in leadership positions in the classroom or in education administration; and to implement policy changes that drive educational equity. Alumni with this unique skill set pursue career paths within traditional and charter public school districts, youth development agencies, and education agencies.

Application Information

Separate applications are required for both the MSW and MAEd programs and are reviewed independently according to their criteria. Be sure to indicate that you are applying for a joint-degree in the MSW application for admission.

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