3-2 MSW Program Applicants

The 3-2 MSW program application is available exclusively to current Washington University undergraduate students in their junior year of study in the College of Arts & Sciences. The program allows students to earn their bachelor’s degree and a graduate degree in social work in five years.

Applicants must be on track to complete all of their undergraduate distribution and major requirements by the end of their junior year, with elective credits available to be applied toward MSW course credit during their senior year (first year of the MSW program).  

Additional information about the 3-2 MSW program and eligibility requirements can be found here.

Special Instructions for 3-2 MSW Applicants

In addition to carefully reviewing the MSW application requirements, 3-2 MSW applicants must take note of the following instructions:

  • Washington University undergraduate students must apply to the MSW program through the Washington University Graduate Admissions portal.
  • Select Current WashU undergraduate student for Washington University Affiliation in the Additional Applicant Information section of the application.
  • Select Bachelor’s / Master’s Program for Intended Level of Study in the Program Information section of the application.
  • A link to initiate the Brown School 3-2 Program Eligibility Form through DocuSign will be available in the Program Information section of the application.
  • 3-2 applicants are responsible for initiating the DocuSign eligibility form during the application process; the form must be completed and signed electronically by your undergraduate advisor(s) and Associate Dean of the College of Arts & Sciences to confirm your eligibility for the 3-2 program and complete your application.
  • 3-2 applicants should apply early in the spring of their junior year so that fall coursework can be considered; the application should be submitted by March 1 of junior year.
  • Unofficial transcripts reflecting junior year fall grades must be uploaded to the application. Unofficial Washington University transcripts can be downloaded from your WebSTAC account.

Complete MSW application instructions are available here.