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MSW Tuition and Fees: 2021-2022

The tuition rate for new full-time MSW students for the 2021-2022 academic year is $22,295 per semester.  Every student who requests merit-based aid receives an award; approximately $6 million in aid is awarded per year. 

In addition to tuition, all full-time students are assessed the following yearly fees:

​Cost of Attendance


Advanced Standing MSW students will pay an additional course fee for the required four-credit summer bridge course; it will be charged a per-credit hour rate, totaling $5,944.

$ 44,590

Student Health Insurance

$ 1,942**

Health & Wellness fee

$ 538

Student Activity fee

$ 100

**The final figures will be announced in summer 2021. This value is charged in full in the Fall semester

Students are encouraged to contact Student Health Services for more information about health insurance coverage and the Health & Wellness fee. Students will also be able to find information about how to waive out of the graduate student health insurance enrollment.

When considering the overall costs of graduate education, students must take into consideration not only the cost of tuition and fees (see above), but also “cost of living” expenses such as rent/mortgage payments, utilities, food, transportation, books/supplies and miscellaneous personal expenses.

Note: Students enrolled in fewer than 9 hours will be charged per credit hour ($1,486/hour).

Scholarships and Funding

The Brown School offers generous merit-based scholarships—approximately $6 million awarded last year—as well as need-based financial aid.

Brown School students typically cover their educational expenses through a combination of the following:

If you have questions about scholarships or additional ways to fund your education, please contact us.