Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program

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In partnership with the Peace Corps, the Brown School is proud to take part in the Paul D. Coverdell Fellows Program, providing financial support and a rewarding graduate school experience to returned Peace Corps Volunteers.

Recognizing the value they bring to the classroom, campus, and community, all returned Peace Corps Volunteers who have satisfactorily completed their service are eligible for the Fellowship.

Throughout their time at the Brown School, Coverdell Fellows will benefit from valuable service experiences, advising opportunities and financial support.

Coverdell Fellowships are available each year to incoming students in the MSW and MPH programs; five fellowships are awarded each year. 


The following Volunteers are eligible to be considered for the Fellowship:

  • Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCVs) who completed the full 2-year tour of Peace Corps service (with no more than 90 days of emergency leave)
  • RPCVs granted “early close of service”
  • RPCVs granted “interrupted service” due to circumstances beyond their control
  • Medically separated RPCVs
  • Peace Corps Response (PCR) Volunteers and Global Health Service Partnership (GHSP) Volunteers who serve 12-months through one tour or a combination of shorter tours

Financial Support

Coverdell Fellows receive a $50,000 scholarship to be allocated over the course of their studies. (Note: Applicants in our MSW program can receive an application fee waiver by indicating their Peace Corps Service Experience in their application.)

All RPCV applicants receive special consideration for a variety of merit-based scholarships. 

Service Experiences & Advising

Brown School students complete intensive internships, known as practica, at one of the Brown School’s 400+ partner organizations. These organizations, throughout St. Louis and across the United States, provide hands-on learning experiences in a variety of social service organizations.

Coverdell Fellows will work closely with a dedicated advisor from the Office of Field Education to select an organization or agency whose mission prioritizes the advancement of underserved populations and communities. Throughout their time at the Brown School, Fellows will receive special advising and programming that discusses practicum experiences, their program’s integration with the Peace Corps’ Third Goal, and on-campus support resources.

The Peace Corps Community at Washington University in St. Louis

Washington University has been named as one of the top universities nationwide for producing Peace Corps volunteers and houses a campus-based Peace Corps Campus Representative. For Coverdell Fellows, the strong institutional support provides extensive opportunities to engage in the Peace Corps community’s recruitment and outreach events. The Brown School, in collaboration with Washington University’s Peace Corps Campus Representative, will support the Fellows in seeking events for participation.

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