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Brown School Student Experiences

The breadth and depth of experiences that our students have during their time at the Brown School are unparalleled. Read firsthand from some of our students.

How to Survive (and Thrive!) in Group Projects

​In many ways, the fields of public health and social work are based in relationships. We are champions of interdisciplinary initiatives and cooperative work and understand that it will take teams of committed individuals and organizations to confront the social and public health challenges our society faces. As students, we celebrate this culture of collaboration and teamwork—that is, until we open our syllabus and see "group project." […]

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Doing the Work to Restore: Sustaining Self-Care as a Graduate Student

​As I settle back into the routine (or a complete lack thereof, rather) of being a graduate student, there are times when I forsake the things that keep me rooted in the flurry of being human. […]

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