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Brown School Student Experiences

The breadth and depth of experiences that our students have during their time at the Brown School are unparalleled. Read firsthand from some of our students.

Why It Matters That My Public Health Degree Is Transdisciplinary

Every Tuesday morning, my entire Masters in Public Health cohort meets for our hour-long Cross-Cutting Themes in Public Health course where we learn about foundational public health concepts (such as ethics frameworks, health care systems, etc.) One day, our professor spoke to us about the importance of practicing transdisciplinary public health and how to best integrate a transdisciplinary framework into our learning. As a graduate of a liberal arts undergraduate institution, I always prided myself on the broad range of academic disciplines I could integrate into my work. The field of public health appealed to me […]

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Self-Care for the Selfless: 5 Tips to Help Reduce Burnout in Graduate School

People who choose to enter the helping professions (social work, public health, counseling, community organizing, etc.) are often the most selfless people you'd know. Their hearts are big, and their capacity to create lasting impact is bigger. They are givers, and always hesitate to take in return. This leads to burnout and compassion fatigue, some of the highest reasons for the consistent turnover in social services professions. But, as a precautionary measure, there are many things that we can do in order to keep us from approaching the proverbial ledge. […]

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Back to the Books

The seasons have started to change in St. Louis and summer is quickly becoming fall. For many students at the Brown School, the change in seasons is just one of the big transitions we're experiencing. Second year students may be re-adjusting to academic life after a summer spent doing practicum work or with family. For first year students, the changes are even more pronounced. Many of us are in a new city or part of the city. Some are figuring out how to balance school with family or a job. Some of us coming from the workforce are learning how to be a student again. Some of us are learning our way around a new campus job or research position. And all of us are finding our niche(s) within the Brown School. […]

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